Top 10 Chandelier Brands in India

top 10 chandelier brands in india

Top 10 Chandelier Brands in India

Looking Top 10 Chandelier Brands in India? – Certainly! India, with its rich heritage in craftsmanship and design, hosts a myriad of chandelier brands that blend traditional aesthetics with modern designs. Here’s a look at the top 10 chandelier brands in India that stand out for their quality, creativity, and luxury. View jhumar design

Fos Lighting

Fos Lighting – Fos Lighting has made a name for itself with its eco-friendly and artisan-made lighting fixtures. They specialize in custom-made chandeliers that cater to both contemporary and traditional tastes, offering unique pieces that often incorporate elements of Indian craftsmanship.


The Purple Turtles – Based in Bangalore, The Purple Turtles is known for its eclectic range of lighting solutions that include bespoke chandeliers. Their designs often feature organic materials and are perfect for those looking to add a quirky yet elegant touch to their interiors.


Tisva – This Usha International Ltd. brand combines aesthetics with the latest lighting technology. Tisva’s chandeliers are notable for their vibrant designs and use of premium materials. Their collections often feature adjustable lighting to create the perfect ambience.

Anemos – Renowned for luxury lighting, Anemos offers a stunning array of designer chandeliers that blend traditional motifs with contemporary design elements. Their high-quality materials and craftsmanship make them a popular choice for luxury interiors.

Jhoomarwala – Based in Bhopal, Jhoomarwala is a leading name in decorative lighting across India. They offer a wide range of chandeliers from crystal to modern LED-based designs, catering to all kinds of aesthetic preferences.

Sans Souci – This brand brings luxury Czech glassmaking to India with its bespoke lighting solutions. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously crafted to add a touch of opulence to any space. Their chandeliers are a blend of traditional glasswork with modern designs.

White Teak Company – A brand known for its luxurious and sophisticated lighting designs, White Teak Company offers chandeliers that are both dramatic and contemporary. Their use of high-quality glass and metals ensures durability and style.

Klove Studio – Specializing in custom lighting, Klove Studio stands out for its avant-garde chandelier designs inspired by nature and Indian folklore. Their handcrafted pieces are more than light fixtures; they are statement art pieces.

Aesthetics Home Solution – Based in Noida, Aesthetics Home Solution offers an extensive range of lighting fixtures including modern and traditional chandeliers. They are known for their blend of functional and decorative styles that suit various interior designs.

philips lighting

Philips Lighting – While globally known for innovation in lighting, Philips Lighting in India offers chandeliers that combine contemporary technology with stylish designs. Their fixtures are ideal for those looking for functionality, efficiency, and style.

These brands represent a fusion of Indian and international design philosophies, bringing the best of craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetic diversity to the forefront. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or something subtle to enhance your decor, these top chandelier brands in India offer compelling choices. Jhoomar For Living Room

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